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Am making assumption that you are doing a NZ/Europe or Europe/NZ that will accumulate the bulk of your miles? In my case I fly NZ to Europe each year for a holiday. I fly from from Auckland to a Euro destination on a *A carrier on a fare that returns 100% miles, thus get my 12000 miles for requal done. The A3 route map in Europe is really comprehensive so some really great options are available and reasonable in terms of cost if booked early.
I have always found the 4 A3 sectors easy to achieve by using A3 hubbing thru Athens to get around. Greece in my opinion is a great place to visit and/or holiday.
As an example last year flew London to Athens, spent couple of days in Athens, then Athens to Malta for a week then back to Athens, got the ferry to Aegina Island (ferry trip 40 mins) for a few days Greek Island R+R.. Then flew Athens to Milan to catch a flight back to NZ. (my 4 sectors done and dusted plus a holiday).
Generally speaking you can get to from most places in Europe with A3 by hubbing thru Athens. A simple weekend trip to visit Creece and get 4 sectors could look like London/Athens/Thessaloniki then the reverse back. Thessaloniki is a great place to spend a weekend or a bit longer for that matter. The advantage of Thessaloniki is that there are 10/12 flights a day to from Athens so makes connections from/to other places easy and simple.
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