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Hi, thanks for the response.
Yes I can afford to pay the extra for better accrual rate and then it is done. But I wasn't asking people to speculate on my finances or my plans, more offer suggestions based on experiences.

I guess I was looking for someone to add some input like "London > Athens > ? return would get you 4 Aegean fights and the ? location is a great overnight if you haven't been to Greece before" (I haven't). Or "in a day from LHR you can get the miles if you don't mind some flights - in particular business class on [Brussels] can be lucrative if you want a quick city break getaway" or "maybe fiji from AKL would be a good destination".

My two "base" countries I'm no expert in the options, and have never flown A3 before.

You are right it is much easier to just pay the money and know I get the miles, but then there might be some interesting options about!
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