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Originally Posted by shadow520 View Post
It's hard to tell. I don't think you're off base. You call them "in the door", I call it casino marketing. Basically the same thing. The problem is that you (or I) can look in our CET account and see a COMP, but that doesn't mean someone else will. If someone has no history at all with CET, I doubt they will get a COMP at all, but it wouldn't be unheard of. But they will need to check their own CET account to know for sure.

I know there is no way my craps and slot play is getting me comps. Not at CET anyway. But I've certainly gotten a few free rooms out of them over the years.
Yeah totally fair. Casinos were in the rewards marketing game before even credit cards were. I'm sure their algorithms are hyper-tuned to factors we can only begin to speculate on.

OP really needs to get the match and then check for themselves directly with CET before going with the OTA. Those rates will almost certainly be better than Expedia (et al.).
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