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Originally Posted by JonNYC View Post
Not to mention that that member’s account(s) had been terminated as opposed to just locked.

well, if you’re saying that you didn’t trigger/earn sign-up
bonuses on those other accounts, then I’d say the infraction lies elsewhere.

As far as how long you’ll wait for the email, I’d imagine could be a while, last week holiday and there seem to be a sizable group of these exact kind of lockings right now— related to credit card earned miles.

And, no, there is no expediting it.

When you get the email, I personally would suggest dropping the “merging accounts was difficult” angle and be completely truthful lest you end up like the other guy.
I was just asking if me having multiple AA accounts made any difference here, as all I did was sign up for Citibank credit cards which they approved me for, and for the FF# I used one of the 3 since it didn't matter to me. AA created the 2 additional accounts for me automatically when they merged from US Airways (they were linked to my old Barclay cards), but having those accounts didn't bypass anything. Basically, it didn't matter if I had 3 accounts or 1. The sign up bonuses did hit all 3, but it would be exactly the same as if they all hit the same 1 account.
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