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Originally Posted by WindowSeatFlyer View Post
Wait, you don't think that an account closure that happened late Friday or early Saturday during a holiday weekend was fully reversed by the end of Saturday? .
Not to mention that that member’s account(s) had been terminated as opposed to just locked.

Originally Posted by yoshapman View Post
So is it a problem getting multiple sign up bonuses if it has nothing to do with having multiple accounts, even if I have multiple accounts just because they converted over from US Airways and I had issues combining them? Apparently my account was flagged/locked a week ago, but still haven't received any email from AA and I'm not sure what to do except wait.
well, if you’re saying that you didn’t trigger/earn sign-up
bonuses on those other accounts, then I’d say the infraction lies elsewhere.

As far as how long you’ll wait for the email, I’d imagine could be a while, last week holiday and there seem to be a sizable group of these exact kind of lockings right now— related to credit card earned miles.

And, no, there is no expediting it.

When you get the email, I personally would suggest dropping the “merging accounts was difficult” angle and be completely truthful lest you end up like the other guy.
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