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Hey all, sorry for the late reply (busy week) and thanks a lot for all that input! That is super useful and an interesting discussion going on.

I'm not surprised they apply the cutoff so strictly. Safes me trying to contact them about it though, my experiences with KLMs customer "service" aren't the fondest.
That advice of linking my account with Accor is fantastic - exactly the kind of reasons I love this forum. I hadn't done that yet, but it looks like that is exactly what I need. I'll go ahead and give that a shot before my next flight.
Paying the fare difference is also good advice - I had even thought about that myself but having looked at J fares was put off by the amount that would have been - which of course explains exactly why the OCLI checkin doesnt't give you the XPs... my plans are unfortunately most of the time relatively short notice, so when I buy J is already often steeply priced.

Thanks again everybody!
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