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Originally Posted by arrow2fast View Post
We purchased 2 First tickets on BA (return) from YVR to LYS via LHR.
We flew outbound on Nov 23.

This was our third time in First on BA and the worst one.

1) The food was meh and worse. While nicely presented, our fish was bone-dry, other passengers who took beef described it as "horrible".
The asparagus "cream" soup was a watery, tasteless beige colour liquid.
breakfast service (despite 3 crew serving only 11 passengers) was so poor that passengers had to go to the galley and repeatedly demand something to eat.
And some of them didn't get what they ordered anyway!

Perhaps BA should look into giving its business to a different catering company in Vancouver and giving more training to the crew?

2) despite demanding the gender of every passenger during booking, BA run out of ladies pyjamas. While my tall husband was fine in Men's large, I was offered also Men's large with my sleeves up to my knees and pants rolled up 3 times.
A simple calculation could prevent this problem, no?

3) we booked a cabana in CCR 2 months before our trip and were given written confirmation by email.
to our disappointment, "YOU FIRST" service managed to book us on the previous day, (the day of departure from YVR instead the day of arrival to LHR)
and with the horrid waiting times for Elemis showers (for business lounge) we ended up with no shower at all on a 24 hours journey.
The food in CCR was the only redeeming feature.

we did follow up the cabana mishap by calling "YOU FIRST" and were met with lukewarm response "we can only apologize", and there was no interest to make things right. We were basically brushed off.
we felt that "YOU FIRST" is interpreted by BA as "you first give us your money and then we don't have to care about you".

4) our brand new XL suitcase arrived to the final destination completely crushed, with busted locks. And, was the last one to show up on the carousel, too.
So much for the first class luggage being treated better.
We were offered a cheap, heavy and half-size replacement by the ground agent, which we politely declined. A compensation for it is still debatable.

With this sort of FIRST class experience, it is a small wonder that we decided to spend our money with AA and other carriers.
While despite it we are on the way to become GGL, we can't help but notice that BA overall is on a downward spiral in terms of catering, lounges, service, equipment condition and pretty much everything else.

Soon, RyanAir will be considered Luxury experience comparing to BA
I never understand why airlines (and I really do mean this generally) insist on serving food that is just so hard to get right in the air. I mean really, with the incredible options out there in world cuisine why even attempt to serve fish the way BA does or for that matter why would anyone ever think it makes sense to have asparagus soup on an airplane. Just bizarre choice making on the airlines part, maybe the people in charge of menu planning are all stoned as that is the only way I can make sense of it.
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