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I just had my stay on the 23,24 and I could see a problem if they can't check the guests in quick enough. If I recall, the Lobby has probably 3 seating areas and total 9-12 chairs, which probably can accommodate 3-4 families during check in. If there are no customers in the living room (tea area), then you can sit there, again the only thing separating the tea and the lobby (small) is a divider with 2 walk paths.

They have a tea lounge unattended on the 5 floor which has plenty of seating but only serves water (as of 11.24), but you don't have access unless you have a room key card, so they will have to bring you up (don't think they would do that and rather have you come back later). It's better just to leave your luggage and go site seeing and come back later, or just grab a quite bite at Kyoto Bistro (fairly priced in that area).

I see there would be a problem because the majority of the rooms are at the separate building which requires crossing a bridge and switching elevators when they bring you from the front desk to your room, lots of walk and going up and down for the staff. I wouldn't call them understaffed, it's just what it is, if a problem occurs, like a key card not working, or they need to bring food up or something, the staff needs to walk or wait for the elevator.

The wait is mainly caused by elites late checkout and there aren't many rooms, so not much they can do, unless they can opt out like Cosmopolitan LV and give only 1-2 pm check out.
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