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Originally Posted by Ratatoskr View Post
Desperate follow-up question. I do have a flight booked that would push me over the required amount of XPs in the first week of January - any experience whether there is any chance of having those included into the count for this year? I believe I have read about airlines (not sure which ones) sometimes being willing to do this, even though I guess for flyers with a much larger flight volume. (You don't get if you don't ask though, so I might just give it a shot.) If not, it's just bad luck and maybe an opportunity to free myself from forcing myself to fly KLM when it sometimes isn't the best choice.
No, it is the flight date that counts. There are some reports that KLM will give you an XP or 2 for free if you are below threshold (they made me plat last year where I had deliberately engineered to end on 299 XP by adding 1 XP - which by now I value since the EC coming with plat is usually nice). But a difference of 3 is a bit steep for gambling on this. Like others say, use the Accor link up program right away, before your next/last flight this year. You will get 5 XP extra on the first upcoming flight and you will be safe.
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