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Originally Posted by antebellum View Post
Hello fellow FlyerTalkers, I'm planning a visit to Uzbekistan/Tajikistan in December/January.
I have two questions though:
1. I've thought about getting a driver from Dushanbe to Samarkand via the Iskanderkul lake (halfway between two places). Is that possible? If yes, probably leave a recommendation will be great.
2. Is it going to be extremely cold or just around -2-5C (28-41F)?

Thanks very much.
I would look at the following places if you want to plan in advance:

1. Book a tour with Advantour - they are very responsive so you could customise things to your taste.

2. Find a car and driver in Indy-Guide.

3. Find a car and driver via Caravanistan.

4. Find someone when you get there - not sure how easy / reliable this is though.

When booking I would also consider how you intend to pay. With Advantour I paid in advance which meant that I could travel “cash-light”.

Other options may require paying in cash when you are there which could mean having to carry around a large amount of cash for a while - something which you may have to declare at customs.
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