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I have seen too many airlines act as if the potential hosting government passport expiration period rules applicable to foreign tourists is applicable to people who have travel documents that make those government rules inapplicable. Every few months this year, I've seen airlines make a fuss over this kind of thing for my travel party members; and the list of airlines making a fuss include US and EU airlines, with LH and SK being the two most recent to make a fuss for my travel party members this quarter.

While the government rules allow for it, the airline and/or airline reps can and do have their own ideas at time. US-EU dual-citizens with OCI having issues over unexpired passport validity being 2-3 months out? Seen it even on US-EU trips and on EU-India trips that are non-stop.

The OP could try to go to the PHL passport agency office -- even without an appointment -- while having their ticketed itinerary printout with them for a journey that is within 2 weeks. And if wanting an appointment, call up late at night or very early in the morning for an appointment within 24-hours and you may find there to be more appointment slots. Personally, I would just show up anyway at the passport agency offices and get it done and expect it back later the same-day or before the next day's evening with an in-person drop-off and in-person pick-up were I to be the applicant.
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