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Originally Posted by BarneyMcGrew View Post
Sorry if this has been asked before – I did try to search but couldn’t find anything.

Basically an old friend of mine who lives on Anglesey is a native Welsh speaker (and is also partially deaf which doesn’t help). He wants to book some flights with BA (first time he has flown since the early 1990’s) but he cannot find a Welsh language telephone number to call BA.Having played on the BA website, I cant find one either. Is there one?

I was posted to RAF Valley on Anglesey twice (I don’t think the drafters liked me!), and he was a civvy employed on the base so I can just about get by speaking ‘pidgin Welsh’ with him, and he can speak 'pidgin English' but wouldn’t like to book his flights for him myself as I am not fluent enough to translate.

He is not very internet savvy either, but could just about manage if they had Welsh translation, but when I input United Kingdom as my location on, it just offers English, and quite a few other languages, but not Welsh. Or am I missing something?


Hi Barney

This is not something I've ever come across for Welsh speakers. I'm pretty sure I would have come across this otherwise. It looks like there are a few independent travel agents on the island and 'over the bridge'. Your friend would likely then be able to find a Welsh speaking travel agent who could assist him with making a flight booking.

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