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Originally Posted by dilanesp View Post
10 across is now industry standard. If it was really too tight, this couldn't have happened because passengers would have revolted against it.

As I said, I am tall. Nonetheless, the airlines have every right to control costs by selling seats I can't fit in, such as Spirit's 28 inch pitch. It allows other passengers to save money, and as far as I am concerned that's great.

There's nothing wrong with 10 across 777's because plenty of passengers fit in the seats just fine. If you don't, avoid the plane or pay more, just as I avoid Spirit and pay more.
There is no industry standard. What there is is no other option in a lot of cases. You fit in it, we get that. But do us one massive favour banging on about how it should fit everyone else. It's not about saving money and if it is please share that data with us so we can make our own analysis. As far as I am concerned there is nothing wrong with me driving while under intoxicated as I have never crashed whilst drunk and I am a good driver. Geddit?
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