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Originally Posted by John Aldeborgh View Post
all they cared about was the beach and snack food. Your 3 year old will never remember the trip so itís more about your experience
^ This

Originally Posted by emcampbe View Post
time change will be hard for the kid...... Agreed with the comment that the kid will Likely be happy with the beach and a snack, whether it is HI, Caribbean or halfway around the world.
and this ^

Originally Posted by miasmal View Post
For logistics, sitting 3-across in Y vs. 2+1 up front may be better. (I think it a waste of miles/$ to put a toddler in F, but that's imo.) From the west coast to HI it's about 6 hours, do that instead of 12 hours to Australia.
and this ^

IME, I would strongly urge trip to Hawaii... when little_1780 was 3 I felt like 3 across in E+ was every bit as good of an experience as F, as we were each on a side of him (IIRC this is not possible in F/J, unless you get the 4 across in the old J) And on a side note the other consideration would be that if you do go on an intl trip, your little one will need a passport, so don't forget the time ans expense of that (plus its only good for 5 years).
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