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I'm doing a bit of a whirlwind trip end of November, and my first three stops are the three cities above. I'll have a full day in each, with Khujand being an arranged tour leaving from Tashkent. Bishkek and Tashkent going to do on my own. Other than the typical stuff to see, anything not to miss? Restaurants to definitely hit? Drinks not to miss? I've been in the region once before, but in Kazakhstan. Cheers
There is a Navat restaurant in Bishkek (they have English menus and a website in English too). Food was very good Central Asian cuisine and well priced - my personal favourite being the veal lagman. They also have a branch in Almaty too.

When I went to Bishkek I did a day trip to Kol Tor lake (it was a 14km hike there and back so not for the faint hearted) and Belogorka - the waterfall is only a 20 minute walk from the car park so this is probably and easier one to do. The landscapes were stunning in both cases.

If you donít have long Iíd just stick with going around Bishkek - itís a very Soviet city with lots of parks and grey buildings which I found quite interesting.

The one thing not to miss in Tashkent is the metro - itís simply stunning!
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