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I can definitely see myself dropping a 200 EUR on FCL entry in the right circumstances. If I were to go to a really nice once-in-a-lifetime trip, but not nice and cheap enough that I can do it in F, and had no other expectation of being able to get in these lounges (i.e. not knowing the nice folk here at FT who are happy to guest a humble Y traveler such as myself), it's not that expensive.
But you can't look at it in the utilitarian view of "food is worth this much, Louise or LPGS is worth that much", rather as paying for the experience.

Of course, different strokes....

But a one-in-a-lifetime trip for me would probably involve a second person, so that would be EUR500. And that would set the pips squeaking.

But as worldclubber suggests, I could just about see it happening if faced with a looong connection. I'd get irritated in the SEN lounge, probably want to get my head down, and a Hilton dayroom is going to be EUR100. I'd rationalise the additional EUR100 spend in the transactional/utilitarian way you despise
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