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Originally Posted by IAN-UK View Post
Could that be because nobody uses the privilege of paying EUR200 or 300 to get in the F lounge ?

The facility is a lot nicer than the SEN lounge, but not EUR200 nicer
There don't seem to be too many takers.

I wouldn't generally say the offer is not worth it, really depends. Most of my long-hauls are now in F anyway, but in the right situation (flying on a non-F-route, long layover, hungry and feeling I need to treat myself ...) I wouldn't rule it out and have done it once before; that's how I know that the process of getting in is really complicated, as the staff had to make a million phone calls before I could drop the cash and get in.

200 Euro is not cheap, but it also works at the nice FCL at MUC's satellite. Why not look at it like this: Currently they offer food from one of Germany's best ***chefs and a meal at his restaurant would set you back more than 200 Euros alone. At the lounge you can enjoy the food with a view, take a rest in one of the day rooms and/or a shower, drink as much Louise with your meal without having to worry about a hefty price tag when ordering another glass, enjoy an espresso at the outdoor terrace; at FRA it also include the ride to the plane. If the situation is right, it's worth 200 to me, cheaper than the VIP services at MUC and FRA.
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