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Upon further reflection this appears to be whats is happening. The fact that SQ 25 isnt available but 325 is seems to indicate suites are not available on saver awards while the first class on 325 may be. Unfortunately I do not have enough miles for an advantage award suites award. Which brings me to my next question..

Is mid-January considered a heavy travel season? My plan was to travel in the period between New Years and Chinese New Year (which is Feb 12, 2021).
So it appears awards have settled into a pattern of allowing suites to be waitlisted Mon-Wed on SQ25/26 while business class fares can be booked at saver rates. If all else fails I can just waitlist the suites and book the business class. I still hope though that mid-January is not such a busy travel time that they do not permit suites to be booked.
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