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Originally Posted by eddieflyer View Post
At K-mart, I had an issue where 2 VGCs were not refunded. After months of back & forth, I got 1, but not 2 of them refunded. Probably my fault as a cashier tried something I shouldn't have let him try.

At Wal-mart, I had an instance where the MO printed out but not handed to me. The cashier put it under the drawer. A senior guy accused me of lying, etc, but I was a regular and some other cashiers stuck with me. Finally got it, but didn't leave the store.

These things aren't always cut & dry. It does suck when noobs or heavy hitters kill the golden goose. Way it goes.
Ok Flyers. New here. I read through 65% of the 101 pg to include the wikipost in the beginning and still unsure of the process. Seem you have to get VGC first, turn to debit before going for MO. Can someone pm and provide an insight for this newbie. Got the prestige and CSR this month. TIA

Update: Disregard. After many more posts, I might have figured it out. Thanks

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