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Originally Posted by viking123 View Post
All Grocery stores etc that I have checked only accept cash for MO. I haven't checked check cashing places, but I doubt that they will accept debit cards.
Billpay? I am only aware of WM that accept debit cards for Billpay (e.g. to credit cards). However, not by using GCs anymore in my area - at least not in the few that I have checked. It appears to apply to all San Diego WMs now. It will be interesting to see when it affects other areas of the country.....
I may try GoBank, but the few WM that I have asked also don't accept GC loads
Itís not going to be a nation wide policy itís specific to those stores. SoCal is a fraud heavy zone so they probably got sick of dealing with it. Two years ago most WM in SD were dead but they came back to life.

Also check your PMís
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