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Originally Posted by John Aldeborgh View Post

Somehow the history of how customers are attracted and retained has been cast aside and now it's only focused are market segmentation and financial ratios. In the long-run brand loyalty is extremely difficult build and very easy to destroy. I'm afraid United seems interested in testing the limits of how easy it is to destroy.
I agree very much with all you said, I am around 4.2 with UA with around 2m/6-8 years left in the tank before I call it a day and I have cut back significantly on my UA spend for quality reasons.The higher price lower quality equation was not working for me.
10 years of economic expansion has made many organizations complacent with customer care and retention, maybe the next recession will re calibrate that. You can most likely expect that the recontact F Flyer campaign will begin roughly the same time as the plumbers who currently don't return your calls are leaving flyers in your mailbox looking for work.
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