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Originally Posted by email2markt View Post
Only carrying necessary stuff when travelling has to be a good way of cutting carbon emissions. I wonder if there's some room for more innovation here?

For example, if you're travelling long-haul, I wonder if it makes more sense to leave your toothbrush behind and buy one at the destination? I wonder if airports will start seeing a ramp up in the trade of loaning / purchasing material things. The idea being the only thing you need to send half way around the world would be your body (and some garments for modesty ;-)).
I personally just bring a small pouch of laundry detergent in my pocket, and squirt some toothpaste in a reusable ziploc and carry it in the other pocket. Thatís it for a 1-2 week Asia trip. Really all you need is to wash the clothes you are wearing every 3 days or so, and brush your teeth with your finger. As an added bonus, you can use a bit of laundry detergent to bathe and to condition your hair. It makes me so happy to think that Al Gore is able to use the carbon emissions that I otherwise would have made by carrying a suitcase with me. Maybe over the course of several years, my emission saving will be enough to fly the camera that snaps a great photo of the next global warming summit.
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