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Originally Posted by ContinentalFan View Post
Not at all. United has been thanking me for being a 1K often, at multiple touch points, for ages. I’ve become inured to it.

Or just pile it on “please, it is I who must thank you. It is an inestimable honor to be your customer. I thank God every day that I, a humble peon, have been elevated to the rank of 1K and *G on United. The great sacrifices of my parents and grandparents have finally paid off.”
I wonder if they did, indeed, send word to recognize elites. The staff that do so anyway (and who you're in contact with regularly) keep doing so, and the others have picked up.

Good to know that a number of associates are on the ball. I will say I just reached *G with another airline and was pleasantly surprised by UA staff congratulating me for my Gold status with the alliance.
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