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Originally Posted by viking123 View Post
Sorry for going slightly off topic here:
Now that WM doesn't work anymore (in San Diego) can the GCs be liquidated by paying someone through PayPal (and paying a hefty fee?).
I think that will work, although you might have to register the cards and associate them with a name and address.

You sound like you've been "stuck" with some cards and need an emergency liquidation. Depending on the amount, you can probably use them to pay cable, internet, or wireless bills. You can overpay those in advance too, so if you owe $100 you can still pay $1000 and then you'll have a $900 credit to "work off" over time.

Are you truly dead for all purposes? No billpay? No grocery stores or drug stores or even check cashing type places that will sell MO's?
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