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Hmm..Something doesnt add up. Legacy SPG folks were indeed "rabid" and fiercely loyal towards their loyalty program. it is not just coming from FT. Numerous blogs talked about it, business newspapers talked about it, even Arne admitted it several times.

But who amongst us are still fiercely loyal now? post after post after post, most people nowadays are voting with their wallets. They still stay at Marriott but theyre also staying somewhere else.

Maybe the non-status and low tier status folks in both SPG and Marriott prefer the new program 8:1. i mean much larger footprint, tons of choices. But the higher tier status folks from legacy SPG?? I dont think so...

Anyways my biggest disappointment when Bonvoy is MR's corporate culture. Prior to SPG being sold back in 2016 i believe, SPG corporate had our back. We WERE their clients. Marriott on the other hand, their clients are not us but the property owners. Hence all these "benefits" dont have any teeth if the properties wont commit. If properties wont commit, youre SOL or your on your own fighting for these benefits. I remember the good ol days in SPG when even calling the Platinum line to complain about something, the rep puts you on hold and they call the property to give them some scolding and forcing them to give you the benefits you deserved.

But im taking this as a blessing in disguise. Not being 100% loyal = saving money by staying at cheaper and nicer properties if it is a better alternative. Not like before, where by hook or by crook id be staying at an SPG property even though it was more expensive and/or the location wasnt ideal
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