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Originally Posted by Often1 View Post
It doesn't matter whether the passenger was gaming the system. What matters is that he had an unpaid ticket. How it got that way is speculation and unimportant. It's a business transaction. Nothing more.
No, it appears he paid at the time of ticketing and miles were deducted.

The fact that his balance went negative later on is completely unrelated and should have been handled via some sort of communication. If your bank account balance goes negative bank will not go and seize your property purchased in the past; they may prevent future purchases, assess penalties, close accounts etc etc but not reverse a completed transaction or go after your property without court decision. The ticket was already pax' property and imo they should go after AS and claim the amount they spent in SCC.

BTW during some sort of promo (eg homedepot 5 mi/$ plu threshold bonus) it is easy to return a malfunctioning appliance and end up with such point debit...

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