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Originally Posted by shadymg View Post
I have the unfortunate shot of being on a 787-9 which does not have a bunch of business class seats. My flight is on Dec 6, HND-LAX, and while I have applied for SWU to get upgraded to business class, I'm on the waitlist and it doesn't look great (only 8 seats available as of today).

Now my question is, what options are there as an Exec Platinum to get into at least Premium Economy, which has half of it empty. I booked economy, and i know the SWU is for business class, but if that falls through, can I use $$ or miles to get at least into Premium Economy?
You can pay the fare difference now to get into PE, that is the only sure bet.

There is no way to upgrade with miles into PE at the moment.

If there are still PE seats left for sale on the day of departure, then there's a slim chance that AA may offer a buy-up type upgrade at check-in, typically only when you check-in via a kiosk or in the AA app/online.

When PE first started rolling out, there were some very scattered/anecdotal reports of EXP's receiving free upgrades to PE on the day of departure, however this was extremely inconsistent and not something to be relied upon.
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