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Originally Posted by IAH-OIL-TRASH View Post
I guess that depends on what year you start "legacy". Noone is going to tell me UA's current average E- coach pitch is the same as it was 20 years ago. And no one is goin to tell me 10-across on some planes is "legacy".
1. I don't know about "average", but 31 inch pitch has been industry standard since at least the early 1980's. If you want to say RJ's and a couple of high density 30" configurations bring the average down a bit, maybe. At the same time, modern seats are ergonomic and have adjustable headrests too.

2. Only one plane, the 777, has the narrow seats, and they are still just about 17" wide, i.e., no narrower than the seats on an old 727.

3. And by the way- I am 6'3". I love the E+ benefit. I am just saying, there's nothing particularly outrageous about E-, it's industry standard economy.

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