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Originally Posted by Nuhusky View Post
can you expand on this

so say there are four legs in the itinerary and you update only one leg to first. The upgraded leg would not result in a higher fare class and as such not earn mqm bonus over economy?
This is correct if you're not upgrading all segments on the same fare component.

For instance, suppose you have a RT from AAA to BBB, with connections in both directions, at XXX outbound and YYY on the return. Assume that you do *not* have a broken fare. Then to get the additional MQMs you would need to pay to upgrade both the AAA-XXX and XXX-BBB segments (or both BBB-YYY and YYY-AAA segments). If you upgrade only one segment on this RT itinerary (or if you upgrade only AAA-XXX and YYY-AAA or only XXX-BBB and BBB-YYY, assuming that you do not have a broken fare or multicity itinerary), DL will treat it like a seat purchase and not reissue the ticket in a FC fare class.
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