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Originally Posted by RoyalSwazi View Post
Speaking of health & safety: wouldn’t it improve your mental health to see how the other half livestock seated up front, and have the reverse effect if in the back?

On a serious note, I like to take a couple of strolls on longhaul flights. It’s also recommended from a health perspective to get circulation going. As aircraft are rather small (the 747 is only 70m, and the cabin is several metres shorter than that), I have no problem crossing into lower cabins if seated up front. I would not go into higher cabins, though.
This is also my approach. I do of course keep to myself as I do so, I don't go around trying to disturb other people, but then again, how would my going into the Y cabin be more disturbing than someone already there going for a walk? For the record, when travelling Y I'm usually too busy reading to even notice whether anyone is entering from another cabin or not.
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