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Thank you for being 1K

It seems like this line is suddenly everywhere. Every transaction with UA, even when they scan my BP at the gate, ends with "Thank you for being a loyal 1K member..." This morning when I had to call an agent with an issue it ended with "I hope you'll be able to keep your 1K statusfor next year." It's just part of every single conversation. It must be part of the instructions all agents have received.

Yesterday when they held a flight for me for 5 minutes at IAD to avoid a missed connection I heard it at least five times as they were rushing me through the gate area and onto the flight. This made it clear to me that they held the flight BECAUSE I was 1K - and I know several others on my incoming flight were trying to make the same connection and they were somewhere behind me when they rushed me on board and closed up.

A little bit is great, but this is getting a little annoying, especially since there is no way I'll be 1K next year, and will ride out my 2020 as Gold while explore other options for 2021 and then jump ship when my status goes away.
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