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Originally Posted by seenitall View Post
Does this allow payments to continue after the flight/vacation has been completed? Or does it require all payments to be made prior to the flight/vacation. If the latter, UA is pretty completely secured. If the former, what happens if the customer defaults after several payments have been made?
Nope, you can take your trip and then pay for the rest/most of it.

As to what happens afterwards? Collections? Bankruptcy?

Originally Posted by findark View Post
I assume Uplift is assuming the risk of default, not United.
Probably true, so I should rescind the comment above. And I guess UA gets more profit from selling forward the loan, too, so somebody else can bank the interest.

It just makes me sad...

Originally Posted by narvik View Post
Hadn't seen that before.
"More affordable"? How is that more affordable? By definition, that would make is LESS affordable, no?
To those that understand math, you are absolutely correct.

However, the general public does not understand math, and have been trained to always buys things based on how much per month (houses, cars, ...) it costs. They think on a cash-flow basis, and $200 a month is a smaller ding than a big $3000 hit all at once. Of course, nobody suggests that folks should actually, you know, *save* that $200 a month and THEN go on a vacation. That's too hard.

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