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Help needed on RUC issue, DL giving the run around?

I've spent the past hour on the phone with first the DM line, then was transferred to a very terse and rude Customer Experience Supervisor, then to GTS and then finally back on with a different CES.

The question I have that none of them can answer is; I have a reservation in about 3.5 weeks and have been waitlisted on the outbound using a RUC. I've had this ticket booked for over a month and whenever I went into the Delta app or logged into dl.com and looked at the trip I could see all the F seats left unassigned and what the buy-up offer was. Yesterday, all the seats in F were greyed out and the buy-up offer was gone. Two weeks ago this exact same scenario happened on the return segment of this trip and when this has happened I called the DM line who confirmed the waitlist had cleared and the ticket needs to be reissued. All the agents I've spoken with this morning have all said I'm still waitlisted and there's no OY upgrade space. When I ask why all of a sudden have all F seats been greyed out and there's no more buy-up offer I get a litany of excuses from:

1). There's no more buy-up offer on this flight
2). Your ticket was manually reissued two weeks ago and when that happens all buy-up offers go away because any changes now have to be manually done moving forward

So I went and made a separate booking for the exact same flight this morning and what do you know - the exact same buy-up offer appears that I had originally seen for weeks. So I'm looking to all the knowledgeable folks here for any talk tracks to say or tips on what department I should ask to speak to that could do a deeper dive give me a straight answer as to what's going on. Because at this point if I haven't been upgraded then I'm concerned something screwy is going on...
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