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Originally Posted by UKtravelbear View Post
and I donít see you swapping with some one down the back whilst you have a quick chat with your friend would be accepted either.
You may well be correct, and I forgot to add that I would only ask / co-ordinate this via the SCCM. The reason I mentioned long haul is in that case you are offering someone a clearly superior seat, so they might be happy to go lie down for half an hour. Of course, you could find them sleeping soundly on your return You raise good points about being respectful of other passengers.

I'd also add that it may be tempting to take a "no harm in asking" approach, and I've probably been guilty of saying that in the past. However, I've somewhat revised my opinion on that, and while there may be no great harm to you, it's probably both very irritating and very wearisome for the lounge guardians to be constantly turning away people who know they don't have access, so I'd say "don't be one of those people"

My only relevant personal experience was on a very lightly loaded CityFlyer flight, where I commented Mrs BertieB was down the back and the SCCM said she could come up and sit with me if she liked, but she would be getting my breakfast and I'd be getting nothing! (which is what transpired)
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