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I would just let it go. For whatever reason, the hotel wasn't able to get the crew into their rooms, and it makes perfect sense that the manager would give them access to the lounge in the meantime.

Think it out, 15 crew would be 8ish rooms per night, every night, for the duration of their contract (usually a year). Let's assume that BA got a rate well below rack (let's be generous and say around $100 off their average daily rate for the year, so ~$150/night (which I'm basing on picking some random dates throughout 2020). So 8x365x150= $438000, but really could be anywhere from 400k to 500k depending on the contract details.

You might get some points for complaining, but unless you're worth half a million a year to IHG, then naturally keeping the large corporate account happy takes first priority for hotel management.
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