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Originally Posted by thebakaronis View Post
The question is: would the return be flagged by United and my Platinum status for 2020 revoked for not achieve PQD waiver?
United only knows what Chase tells them. My concern would be that Chase updates your spend and that will cause you to lose status. I've had status post in early-January when I've cut it close on the waiver and Chase normally subtracts out returns. I would not take the risk because you can't build a time machine. Just prepay bills or MS if you have to.

Originally Posted by thebakaronis View Post
(PS: the alternative to avoid the PQD mess is for me to get a foreign address, which I can plausibly since my parents live in another country and I travel there frequently.)
UA can pretty easily tell where you live if you book all your tickets thru them. (Hint: it's where all your trips originate). I haven't heard of anyone being caught but that doesn't mean it doesn't happen.
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