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Originally Posted by david55 View Post
I gave my sister a gift of a trip to Milan using my miles. She will be leaving from CLE on Thanksgiving Day on Delta # 5415 at 2:51 with an arrival at JFK of 4:38. Her Delta flight #172 to Milan leaves at 5:46PM. We are now wondering about the sanity of this connection in winter on Thanksgiving. Although there are not any earlier Delta flights to JFK that day...there are to LaGuardia and she would be willing to try and change the outbound from Cleveland and then transfer over to JFK. Carry-on only.

Her trip is short.... 5 days......so a missed connection could really impact her vacation.

Any thoughts?
Unless there was a schedule change, she's stuck with the connection. 1:06 will likely be fine if things run on time and of course DL pads its schedules but JFK is always a crap shoot especially if winter weather hits. In IROPS though, knowledge is power and speed is key as alternate options disappear. Either she (or you since you may be more likely to know what to look for) should have a long list of alternate options, both in CLE and once in JFK. If she is delayed even before departing for JFK, she could look to be re-routed from CLE via DTW or ATL and then AMS or CDG to Milan or at least be protected on an CLE-JFK-AMS/CDG/etc-Milan itinerary. If at JFK already, look to be rerouted through CDG, AMS, or FCO. If you have DL status (your profile doesn't say), unless she can get to an agent right away at the airport, I would recommend possibly having her let you know and have you call DL and then 3-way her into the call to get through to an agent as quickly as possible.

ETA: Also keep in mind that if weather is predicted to impact JFK the day of operations, a weather waiver may be issued a day or two before. Tell her to keep an eye out and check frequently for weather waivers and call and ask to be re-routed on one of the above options.
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