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Originally Posted by NWAlaskaFlyer View Post
Same. I have the 12.9" which is getting into small laptop territory. I wasn't happy about it but the FA sets the rules. Given this has only happened once in dozens of flights I do feel he was over zealous but the only rule when dealing with an FA is to comply (at least when it comes to safety.)
FA's do not set the rules. AS sets the rules and FA's as employees, do what they are told.

That said, AS could do a better job by providing better guidance. E.g., "small laptop" is a meaningless descriptor. All it would take is to describe the dimensions and that would be the end of it.

I do subscribe to the idea that larger items ought to be stowed. These things become projectiles in an emergency and I value my health more than I value some other person's self-importance to type during landing.
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