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The signallers can put HEx trains into just about any platform at Paddington. This will no doubt happen occasionally during service disruption.
The complication is that HEx now accepts oyster/contactless. The way that a higher fare can be charged for the journey from Heathrow for HEx services (as opposed to the lower fare charged by the tfl, formerly Connect, services) is that the gate readers at the dedicated HEx Paddington platform(s) are specifically programmed to charge a higher fare. The gates don't "know" whether any train is HEx, the system is hard programmed to say anyone using the oyster readers at that platform will be charged the HEx fare
If the HEx is routed into any of the other platforms, the system will charge oyster/contactless users the lower (tfl rate) fare. Conversely, that's also why 'normal' services will not be routed into the dedicated HEx platform, because any traveller coming in from Heathrow would be overcharged.
The same principle applies for services branded Express from Gatwick - the premium fare is charged by using specific oyster readers at the end of a dedicated platform at Victoria.
Indeed the same system operates at Victoria - use the GEX platforms and youíre charged the GEX fare even if itís a Southern train, and vice versa.

You can call up Oyster to get an overcharge corrected. Presumably no one calls up to pay more, but it would be possible.
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