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Originally Posted by YVR Cockroach View Post
Seat 2A, how did you like doing YVR-LAX in 4 days/3 nts with ~8-9 meals instead of <3 hours and 1 if lucky?
Prior to this cruise the biggest ship I'd ever ridden upon was the Alaska Marine Highway's 450 passenger MV Columbia. My ship, the Star Princess, could carry 2600 passengers plus a crew of over 1000. Rather amazingly, there are ships out there that can carry twice as many passengers as the Star Princess! This sailing was essentially a re-positioning cruise (They take the ship out of Alaska and relocate it down south for the winter cruises to Mexico & Hawaii. There are no port stops along the way, just a couple of days at sea, so the prices are heavily discounted.) In any event, this certainly was a fancy way to get from Vancouver down to LA! I thoroughly enjoyed my spacious mini-suite and the the view from my balcony. There was no shortage of activities to entertain oneself while at sea and the meals and service were very good indeed.

All that notwithstanding, it didn't take long to establish that I am definitely not a cruise ship person. The ships are too big and there are way too many people around for my tastes. Truth be told, I'd actually prefer a ride on the Alaska ferry. Crazy, I know, but the ferry is like a comfortable pair of old jeans to me in terms of both the ship and my fellow passengers. Don't get me wrong - this cruise was very nice and there was no shortage of entertainment options to stave off boredom (I'm actually happy with a good book and a cold beer on my balcony, thanks!) but the ship was so large that it felt more like being in a big busy hotel (or a Walmart ) much of the time. I had to remind myself that I was actually at sea. But hey, all in all I had a nice time and now that I've done it, I know what its about. From now on however, you're likely to find me on smaller ships. Seeya on the Malaspina! Or perhaps the Queen of the Mississippi...

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