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Thank for the Panagra and British United/BCal additions. I didn't drill down enough into B&CS to see that it was formed from Union Castle which I was aware of as a shipping line. Did BUA and the passenger ship service of B&CS run concurrently?

I was looking through some old National Geographics (have an old, (poorly) digitised CD set) for old airline ads that could be used for quiz questions but haven't found too many suitable ones yet and saw Panagra ads in the '60s.. I have to admit Panagra is before my time. Also saw Matson line ads for passenger service between the U.S. west coast nd Australia and wonder if its mgmt ever discussed some arrangement with Pan Am.

I looked in DanAir and dismissed counting it as Davis & Newman seemed to be ship brokers rather than operators and didn't seem to be involved with passenger ship service. I also looked into Lloyd Air (provides a hint for the answer I'm still looking for) but see it was named after is founder.

If one wanted to add non-passenger shipping companies who ran scheduled passenger airlines to the list, there are at least two in East Asia (though one of the shipping lines went spectacularly bust a few years ago).
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