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Originally Posted by TTT103 View Post
That sounds like a great use of points. I tend to hoard points (shame on me), so I have a boatload to plow through before they begin expiring in November of 2020.
Too bad you didn't transfer all your points to La Quinta Rewards and then back earlier this year. Then you wouldn't have any expiring until early 2023.

But you can still stave off some, depending on how many you have and expiring when, through transfer to Total Rewards (Ceasars) and back (though unlike the La Quinta transfers which were unlimited, there's some limit on how many you can transfer to TR and back per year). Sorry, I don't know the details (because I did it all via La Quinta, of which I'd been a member for quite a few years too), but the info is scattered around a few recent-enough threads in this forum.
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