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Originally Posted by Seat 2A View Post
Dang! YVR! You're pretty good at this question gig! I'm sure I speak for many when I say Thanks! and we look forward to any more you care to serve up!
I am particularly intrigued by how airline terms originate from shipping lines. Simply the name "airline" and "airliner" (instead of ocean liner). Crew rank (captain, steward/stewardess). Galleys (and I imagine cooking was done onboard in the flying boat days and I don't go back far enough to remember what flying must have been like then). Would terms have been different if there was no connection?

As for me, it's time to catch my ride to the ship, so all the best to you all and I'll check back in on November 4th ^
Hope the ship is ready for boarding (or if not, the mini-suite affords you some sort of "lounge" access, and remember you can use Nexus/Global Entry to speed your way through security and U.S. preclearance.
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