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A nice review and a gorgeous dog

Originally Posted by Paul79UF View Post
Some nights my wife and I don't get home from the airport until 10 or 11pm and our poor dog has to wait to eat dinner until then. I don't want the dog walker to feed him since she tends to way over feed him and I would rather he wait until 5 or 6pm rather than 3pm when she is there.
When we need to board our girl (rottweiler), or have a pet sitter come in, I always portion out the food in advance in either ziplocs or containers, this way I know that the amount will be correct.
However the cat is trickier as, if we leave food in the self feeder she will eat herself sick so someone must come in to feed her. This might be a good way to go for her.

Your mention of the treat dispenser made me laugh. I remember years ago I bought a kong dispenser for our last rottie. It would chime gently and then dispense a Kong onto the floor. I thought this was a great idea, prefilled some kongs and gave it a try for a few days. We'd come home to four full kongs on the floor. It was good to know that the soft chime didn't disturb her all day nap.
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