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Originally Posted by Seat 2A View Post
I had to look up Esquimalt and yeah, I'd say unless Princess has upgraded the engines on the Star Princess to achieve speeds akin to the Norwegian navy's Skjold-class corvettes (60 kts), I won't be waving at you if we pass Esquimalt.

This'll be my first cruise - I'm definitely looking forward to the mini-suite life. Hope the weather enroute warrants some balcony time.
Enjoy. Pretend it's an ocean liner and you're travelling down the coast like how it was done well within a lifetime for some (though probably not in yours or mine). Other than no free booze (you pay for it if it's included), more comfortable than first class travel for long hauls and can be had for a lot, lot less too. Don't remember if you drink but you're allowed to _carry_ on (as in, not in checked bags) a (standard) bottle of wine per person, maximum of 2 per cabin (though they don't usually check if you bring 2 per person).

Since the ship has been sailing U.S. water regularly this past Alaska season, and it's departing from Canada, there won't be any USCG check for the crew to have to prepare for. Resulted in an absolute gong show when we left San Pedro as the ship had come in the same morning from South America. Onboard service was pretty much disrupted for the whole 4-night trip (or maybe it a a full ship).

Too late in the season but we saw a fair number of humpback whales following the spring migration up in late March/early April (on the Star Princess) and fall migration heading south in early October on another ship headed for Chile. Sun is of course going to be on the port side AM and starboard PM.

Should be no sea fog and from the forecast, it looks like you will have sunny skies leaving Vancouver, and it's sunny in Astoria through the 2nd and sunny in SF through the weekend.

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