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WOPET Automatic Dog Feeder For My English Cream Golden Retriever - Mini Review & Pics

Some nights my wife and I don't get home from the airport until 10 or 11pm and our poor dog has to wait to eat dinner until then. I don't want the dog walker to feed him since she tends to way over feed him and I would rather he wait until 5 or 6pm rather than 3pm when she is there. So I went on Amazon and read some reviews on automatic pet feeders. I picked a nice blue (my favorite color) automatic dog feeder from Wopet that had good reviews. I actually feel really guilty that I didn't think of this idea sooner. Our dog gets a walk at 3pm but I don't feed him until 5 or 6pm most nights. So if we go from work straight to dinner, a happy hour or some other get together, we don't get home until almost midnight some Friday nights.

I almost splurged and got the treat dispenser with a camera on it so I could see my buddy, but I already have a few WiFi cameras I can use for that.

It was pretty easy to set up. The clock is in the 24 hour format instead of AM / PM but that's not a big deal. I recorded a quick "dinner time, come get it" message on the voice recording feature. My dog was confused the first two meals but now he runs on the stairs when he hears my recording.

The food popping out of the dispenser sounds like an old school slot machine. Except it is nuggets of salmon and sweet potato coming out instead of coins.

I'll have to play around with the four feeding times and portion size control to get the perfect 1.5 cups of food twice a day that he gets.

This would probably be a great thing for cat owners who travel for two or three days and just leave out a bunch of food. I know my mother's cat got really fat when she started doing that for her weekend trips.

Here are some pics -



Waiting for his first meal.

Still waiting.

Slot machine sounds

Dinner Time!
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