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Thank you, taupo & gambda. This is the sort of info that I was looking for. I am traveling solo this trip and my flight leaves at 3:30 P.M.

While I found the SYD lounge to be satisfactory, I found it to be more the norm. Iíve only been in that lounge during breakfast time and did not find the food that interesting.

Iím hoping for a nice selection of NZ wines at AKL. We were in Australia in August visiting some wineries and wound up bringing two cases back with us. On this trip, Iím hoping to learn a little about NZ wines.
They have an ok selection of wines, often hit and miss in my experience.

If you want to learn a little about NZ wine there's a good documentary out called "A seat at the Table"

If you want any recommendations on wineries to visit in NZ I'm happy to assist.
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