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Originally Posted by bpratt View Post
La Cucina on Lagerstrasse. Agree, it's easy to reach, I'm just not sure if it's a trip I want to make at 10:30-11pm or just sleep at the airport Radisson and then do a roundtrip in the morning for shopping (my current leaning).
I guess both ways can work, but if all I had was a carry-on, and the rates were the same Id probably sleep in the city. Least I oversleep and miss out on being able to go into the city. Needless to say if the rates were cheaper in the city that would seal the deal. If I was traveling with checked bags then a no brainer Id stay at The Rad

If you stay at The Rad do youplan on taking your carry-on with you or leaving it in the room and return to the room when you get back?

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