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Originally Posted by drminn View Post
When entering the US from abroad you are required to declare if you are carrying cash or cash equivalents of more than $10,000. It is not illegal to have more than $10k, you just have to report it otherwise they can confiscate.
I thought about that CBP requirement thinking as you did. However, a close review of the definition of "cash equivalents" does not include GCs.
From this article, the following is seen:
"The U.S. Customs office defines this as cash, stocks, bonds, money orders, personal or cashier's checks, coins and cash."

So it appears that carrying a piece of plastic, that actually is only good in the USA to begin with, across borders appears to be kosher without declaring it.
(Please be advised, I am not a lawyer and don't currently reside in a HIE, so take this as a layman doing basic research. If someone knows better, have at it )
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