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Iím absolutely not suggesting anyone gets walked. That would be wholly unprofessional of Arkaba nor would I ever ask them or any hotel to do that.

Arkaba has blocked out all rooms every single weekend for 3-4 months for people who will book the walks since as previously mentioned the walks always end with a night at the lodge.

For the weekend I was looking at the walks are not fully booked. My logic is that the bookings should be on a first come, first served basis. If I am prepared to book a room now for those weekend dates as part of a longer stay and the hotel will be no worse off financially, it makes sense (at least in my opinion) for them to take my booking and just reduce the number of available slots on the walk since they now have only 4 rooms rather than 5 available.

However, instead of doing this, they have chosen to not take my booking and instead keep 10 places on the walk which may or may not all end up being sold.
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